Free Zbigz Premium Account For April 2019 [Paused]

The Trick has been Paused Now, Please use Seedr Trick to Download & Stream Torrents Free in 2019

As promised, we are again back now with Zbigz Premium account valid till 1 May 2019!! Premium is free to use for our users, But its more simple now for you to download torrent this time, Oh You may wanna see Proof of Premium, So here is the Proof below.

zbigz proof
zbigz proof

Just submit Your email and torrent magnet link below form, Done! & You will Receive Your Direct Download Link within 24 hours in your email.


You may think why i am not sharing direct login link this time like i used to do before, Because you know last time someone deleted my account permanently, That’s why i am not sharing direct login link for zbigz.

But I have made the process more Easy Now, That’s it.

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If you wanna me to extend premium, I will extend on your request on comment.

Below lines are Just for Reading my old words.

Now Enjoy direct access to zbigz premium account from trick below and no need to do anything, but remember to login you need desktop version Google chrome because it is extension based trick, as Extension do not work on mobile, that’s why as you can see above video. Doesn’t believe? See the video above!!

But also for mobile members we have solution for you!!

You know zbigz is best for downloading your torrent but you need to buy a zbigz premium account  to download torrents more than 1GB. So i have posted here my zbigz premium free for download any torrents more than 1 GB

Premium members have more benefits such as downloading unlimited torrents simultaneously at unlimited speed, no speed capping and Google Drive uploading feature which i like!! You Enjoy all these here for free

You don’t need vpn to downloading files, it hides your IP and you download torrents anonymously. so no need to worry 😉

But the process of downloading files here is different than you experienced till now. As You Know Zbigz does not allow a member to share accounts details, but now i shared openly because i don’t care!! they track multiple ip’s login and block premium account. So i decided to help our visitors in a different way.

How to Download Torrents from Zbigz premium account?

Here i am providing you the form below, You have to fill your email and magnet link of torrent file and done!! You will receive direct download link in your email!! isn’t better than anyone.? Also see proof below, However its for 1 month, i will extend premium for daily visitors.

zbigz premium account
zbigz premium account

Zbigz supports uploading torrent to cloud storage like google drive directly.. And i do that work for you, once upload is complete i upload any torrent & will share link directly to your inbox. This process takes upto 10 minutes.

zbigz premium account
zbigz premium account

However we respect visitors so you should try at-least once, You will believe us!! Here i am not talking like other sites which claims free zbigz premium accounts auto login & openly posted etc. and users face changing the password issue regularly, and they does not works. Though I have purchased premium membership for our kind visitors and using personal username and password.

It is the safest way to download torrents directly from IDM and from any browser you want, 100% Virus free file will be provided to you and your requested file will be send to you from us within 24 hours.

Direct Login to Zbigz premium Account and Enjoy!!

Warning; First Please i am providing this account for helping purpose, so i don’t expect any misbehaviour from your side like changing password, delete other files, etc. etc. If i seen something happening like this, i will make account private. So do not change password and let all people can enjoy!!

As you can download unlimited files simultaneously and while loading other people files it does not affect your speed, so you don’t need to worry just upload magnet link or torrent and don’t forget to say thanks and rate 5 stars on comments.

As This login method requires google chrome in computer or laptop because first you have to install this extension below which help you to login automatically on premium account.

So First important step to work this trick is download and

install extension in  Google chrome

Now After installing Extension Just Login now

Login to zbigz premium account

Click on “Click to access” Button


For mobile members i suggest this free method(better than zbigz)

For mobile users-this method is 100% best for you- Download any torrents using seedr.

Feel free to submit any magnet link or Torrent link, no matter how big your file is, more than 1GB, 10GB, OR 100GB as premium members enjoys unlimited storage. So we suggest make benefit of this service from us.

How to Enjoy zbigz Premium Account For mobile members

Sorry For mobile members, Guys as you know Extension installs in desktop version that’s why in this case i can’t help you but as you know i have different method for you just submit your torrent link and email below and you will receive direct download link to your email. Isn’t easy than above? 🙂

[email protected]

once you submit torrent link and we will generate direct download link for you and send you directly in your email, So you can submit any torrent and size doesn’t matter!!

Feel free to comment below if you face any problem, At last dont forget to share using button below, i know i don’t have to put locker for access just like other F*** websites, which claims you to give premium after sharing and all other things like signup etc.

But Here you are not restricted to do so, because you are Good enough to support me and i know afteryou enjoy trick you will definitelyshare!!

Its a secure way to download torrents without any restrictions it can play online your torrents and stream without downloading also it hides your identity while downloading. You can submit multiple magnet link and unlimited files Download for our visitors!! So You can enjoy Zbigz premium account 2018 from here daily!!

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    1. oops bro someone is changing password simultaneously. But premium has ended. I recommend you to use seedr ( best alternative of zbigz)

    1. Yes, as our zbigz premium account has ended, please use seedr trick shared in the post till then. WE will email you regarding this when we continue premium.

    1. Sry, someone has deleted my account. Please read the note i have written on 2nd paragraph of article!!
      You could use seedr for downloading torrents

        1. Thanks for your love!!, we will be back after some weeks with premium account. But will not post openly next time. we will notify you. So you can download by magnet link method from next time

    1. yes. Account Expired bro, May be we again continue premium next month, Till then, You can try seedr trick explained here to download torrent upto 4GB

  1. Shank, you tell us, the seedr is better from zbigz.
    Ok, with the trick you can have 4 GB storage.
    The bad thing with seedr, you can download the torrent
    only for next 2 hours.
    Look the message to send me :

    Hi there,
    One of your torrents has been downloading for more than 2 hours and has been paused.
    In order to maintain high performance on the system, free users are not allowed to have torrents running longer than 3h.
    * Unresumed torrents will be cleared in 24h

    With zbigz you can download torrent for 7 days, yes ok, is only 1 GB bandwidth and 100 KB/sec,
    but is 7 days!!!

    1. Hey Nick., According to my experience There are the chances that the torrent you are uploading(into seedr) in which you have received the message “One of your torrents has been…longer than 3h” have very low seeds and leechers. I am using seedr since previous 6 months,, still i can see videos uploaded by me there on my seedr account online and also download anytime which i uploaded 3-4 months ago. I have never faced any problem in seedr while downloading and uploading torrents upto 4GB. But Free Zbigz account Sucks!! I do not suggest you to use free zbigz,.No Doubt zbigz premium is more better than seedr, but it costs much money to buy premium of zbigz.
      If you are facing problem while uploading your torrent, You can send the torrent/magnet link to my email [email protected] or you can also comment your torrent link here

  2. mujhe 1 chiz bhut bura lagta hai expert log trick nikalk share krte hai aur kuchh narpisaach haraamzade log account ko change kr lete hai. ntiza ye hote hai jinhe sakht jrurat hai vo log kr nhi pate aur jin expert logo ne ye trick mila hai continue krne se rok dete hai

    1. Don’t get sad , the trick will be updated soon. You can turn on push notifications by clicking on that bell icon, so that when the trick is updated you get to know it immediately.

    1. your torrent has been added, but seeds and leechers are low, it will take time, So we will send to your mail once it completed

    1. Hey , please send your magnet link to us by filling out that Google form. Our team member will contact you then.

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