Youtube PewDiPie- All you need to know about a Swedish Youtube Star

PewDiPie is a renowned Swedish Youtube star. His Pewd Army of Youtube i.e. subscribers of Youtube are more than Casey Neistat+Marquez Brownie+ Peter Mckinon+Technical Guruji + BB ki Vines + Carry Minati + Logan Paul COMBINED and still 20 Million subscribers are left in his account.

PewDiePie Live Subscribers Count

So you can imagine how much widespread Influence he has on the internet.

Recently PewDiPie was on a subscription war with the Indian Music production giant T-series.

He and his Pewd army did each and everything possible to beat T-series but could not. We will discuss this in detail in some other article.

But what has brought more attention towards PewDiPie is the nasty New Zealand shootout.


Because the man who did this shameless deed gave a shoutout to PewDiPie before killing those people mercilessly.

What he said was “Subscribe to PewDiPie”

Let us look deeper into the life of Pewdipie and gain some more knowledge about the person behind PewDiPie.

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Who is PewDiPie in Real Life?

PewDiPie is a stage name. The real name of this man is “Felix Kjellberg”. Yes, he is Felix.

Born in Sweden he was a normal person like us until he started doing video game streams on youtube. He did it because he liked and in interviews and in his own videos he says that he had no plans or dreams to do this on such a huge level. But we all know where he is now. Right.

His full name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg and he was born in Gothenburg city of Sweden.

Here is the Youtube channel of Pewdiepie, You can watch his videos and follow him for fun Purpose!

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