Whatsapp web | How to Use Whatsapp In Google Chrome 

Hey guys as you know whatsapp is a top worldwide used free messaging app installed on almost all smartphones. It is simple, easy to use and does not cost any charges. If you wanna use whatsapp in your pc then you can use easily using below method in your browser by whatsapp web.

You can send messages and enjoy all whatsapp features in whatsapp browser. Previously we have posted whatsapp plus full apk download.

Follow the step by step procedure to use whatsapp on your computer browser.

  • Open your browser in pc ( chrome or any browser)
  • Open the below link from your browser.


  • Now after opening the above link you will see a bar code in your browser screen.
  • Now open whatsapp in your phone.
  • Click on right hand side options & there you will see whatsapp web click on that.

Whatsapp web

  • Now it will open your camera and will ask you to scan your barcode.

Whatsapp web

  • Keep your phone camera towards the screen and it will scan the barcode.
  • Once it will scan the barcode you will be logged in your browser automatically from that whatsapp account from which you have scanned the barcode.

Now enjoy the whatsapp web in your browser directly and send messages, videos etc. to your friends.

TIP : you can also open any whatsapp account from above trick?. You should have your friend’s android device at that time. And select keep login from whatsapp web so that you can open whatsapp anytime and you don’t need to scan barcode again and again.

Then you can easily see his/her messages.

I hope you have understand about how to browse whatsapp web in computer directly. If you have any problem in above steps please feel free to comment below and also share it with your friends;)

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