Whatsapp is Banning users Who are Using WhatApp Mods

Whatsapp is banning users who are using Modded versions of whatsapp like GB WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus etc. due to some Security reasons You Should not use Modded Whatsapp, As they do not Guarantee Your data is safe While using those Modded apps.

On Continuing to Use It Even After Temporary Block Period Is Over , You will be Permanently banned from Whatsapp.

So , kindly use only the official Whatsapp apk Versions to avoid any bans in your Whatsapp Accounts.

If you are using GB-Whatsapp then Switch Your account to Official Whatsapp as soon as possible by downloading via Google Playstore, Otherwise You may be permanently banned from using whatsapp.

Whatsapp Temporary Ban Message Looks like below text, If you see it then You need to Switch to Original whatsapp.

whatsapp temporary ban
whatsapp temporary ban

Even You will see Temporary banned time period like below screen, After that time You will be banned permanently If you do not use original whatsapp from same Mobile Number.

whatsapp ban time
whatsapp ban time

So In Short lines I request You to use download Official app from playstore, Keeping your privacy first Priority will make you happy, Not only Whatsapp But other apps which you like to use should be verified and checked.

Uninstall WhatsApp mods like whatsapp plus, Yo Whatsapp and GB-WhatsApp to save your private chats, Contacts Images and other important data. Not only these apps steal your data and contact, But Sell it for making money and target You.

If You wanna use two whatsapp accounts You can use it legally by downloading WhatsApp Business App and make two accounts

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