Paytm 20 Rupees Daily Earning Trick (Official Offer)

Earn Daily paytm cash guaranteed by official paytm offer, As paytm is giving 10 rupees free on doing 10 successful transactions via paytm upi address

Paytm 10 Pe 10 UPI Offer – Get Rs 10 Cashback on doing 10 UPI Transaction of Rs 250 Each (maximum 250 Times per user).

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Steps to Earn paytm cash daily

Just follow simple steps below, You will earn 10 rupees daily in 2 paytm accounts, i guarantee 100%!!

  • Open App and Goto Menu and click on “Cashback Offers“ on top bar.

  • You will see “Paytm 10 Pe 10 UPI Offer” .Get guaranteed ₹10 cashback by making 10 money transfers using Paytm UPI address”

Make sure you have Rs 250 in your @Paytm upi linked bank account.

  • Now Do send 250 rupees to paytm UPI address of your friend 10 times, ask him to do the same. Earn 10 rupees daily!!

Do your 1st Transaction of ₹250. Send the Rs 250 to your friends @paytm UPI handle.

For example 98970×××××@paytm named upi address.

After your first money transfer using Paytm upi address through Paytm App, you will get an SMS and Push notification to claim Rs. 10 cashback on your first upi transaction or participate in “10 pe 10 UPI Offer” cashback offer to get Rs. 10

  • Now Complete your 10 Transactions of Rs 250 each to @paytm UPI Address to receive Rs 10 Cashback instantly in your Paytm wallet.

You can avail this offer per day.

So its a paytm loot offer to earn cash daily, I recommend every paytm user to make profit of this offer daily.

Only you need a friend who send you 250 back again to complete 10 upi transactions. You both will earn 10-10 rupees in each paytm account by doing the steps above.

Requirements to Earn 20 Rupees paytm daily through this offer:

  • Two paytm Accounts(For exchanging 250 rupees 10 times)
  • 250 rupees in your bank which is linked to paytm upi address.

My Recommendation to Loot this Offer:

Link your paytm UPI with your paytm payments bank accounts and remove other saved bank,

By doing this you will receive money in paytm bank which can be easily transferred to any bank or used to recharge easily!!

If you need to steps to open paytm paymemts bank or how to link paytm with paytm bank, Feel free to comment below i will tell you the process.


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