Top Amazing Whatsapp Tricks 2018 Everyone Should know

Hey friends today we are here some new whatsapp tricks for you. These tricks really helpful to everyone and you should know all these tricks because we all like to use whatsapp. As Whatsapp is most popular chatting App so people like to learn whatsapp tricks.

You may also waana use two whatsapp accounts in your mobile without parallel space app. So download and install whatsapp plus and GB whatsapp one by one and create your accounts. You can run two accounts securely and simultaneously

As you know whatsapp has some limits such as you can send 16mb file. And you cannot unsend the message. But by learning our whatapp tricks below you will not face these problems anymore.

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Sometimes we send wrong message accidentally to other people instead of other friend. But after sending we cannot unsend the message. But here is a condition you can unsend that message and that user will not receive your sent message.

To do this trick you have to check that if that user has not delivered your message but sent from your phone i.e. showing 1 tick, than you can unsend. To unsend your message just block that person which you have sended wrong message, now he/she will not receive your message.

  • How to See any user Last seen (also if anyone hides last seen)

This trick is onother amazing whatsapp trick. You can see anyone’s last online time on whatsapp even if they hides it. For do this you have to download this

whatsapp dog app

then open it and add your whatsapp contacts to it. Now it will show everyone last seen on whatsapp????

  • Always online on Whatsapp

This trick is also awesome which allows user to always online on whatsapp even you off your data.

top whatsapp tricks

Download below app and open it.

Download whatsapp extension

After opening tick always show online.

Now you have done.

  • Share any Size File on whatsapp.

This trick is really awesome and useful for all of us. We like to share media files, documents and videos on whatsapp. But whatsapp has provided limit to all these.

Also whatsapp plus has feature to send about 60mb video size. You can also hack its limit size and increase to 1gb using cheatdroid app (works on rooted android).

Use below steps to send unlimited file size and any file on official whatsapp.

Just remove the extension of your document or video to .txt and send successfully. And ask receiver again to convert it to original extension.!!

e.g. convert .mp4 to .txt

.mp3 to .txt.

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  • Hide whatsapp Images And Videos from Gallery

We receives our personal videos and images on WhatsApp. So we don’t wanna to anyone to see it. But whatsapp images can be easily seen in Gallery.

To hide it from gallery you have to follow below easy step.

Go to whatsapp folder on your phone

Then go to media, there you see whatsapp images, whatsapp videos etc. etc. Folders

just change them to as .whatsapp images, .whatsapp videos etc amkd save. Now go to gallery you wil see that your whatsapp videos and images will not seen in Gallery.

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  • Auto reply on Whatsapp

Now you can auto reply on whasapp for every message you can set auto reply even when you offline.

top whatsapp tricks

To set auto reply download below app

Whatsapp auto reply

Open this app and there you will see “text”. Now set the text which you waana reply to any message. Eg. I am busy, bye etc.

  • Write & send Bold/Italic texts on Whatsapp

This trick is also very nice which i personally like. How to write bold or italic in whatsapp. You have seen some people send bold/italic text on whatsapp. Now from today you can also do this.

top whatsapp tricks

To write in bold, use below method

*your text here*

To write in italic,use below method

_your text here_

Thank you. Hope you like above provided useful whatsapp tricks that everyone should know. If you have some question or i have forgot some trick feel free to comment below.

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