Rummy Nabob apk – Play & Earn Money Online [₹ 1 Lakh Proof]

rummy nabob winning proof
rummy nabob winning proof

If you are looking for earning Huge money online by playing games then I am sharing a new app called “Rummy Nabob”. In this app there are many games that you can play for money but the game that I like the most is “Dragon vs Tiger”, where I have earned more than 1 Lakh rupees till now.

If you wanna earn, then you should keep reading the winning formula on this online betting app. The similar apps that you may have seen like Rummy culture, ace2three and other gambling games. But ‘Rummy Nabob’ is known to some users over the internet. So here is the new opportunity to earn huge money by just guessing according to pattern followed by game.

However before playing, I am warning you that it may be related to financial risks that every game of earning money online is attached to. So before playing, make sure you don’t invest the non-affordable amount in this Game. It’s just a tip from my side.

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So, Let’s see how you can earn money using Rummy Nabob.

First of all, you need to download “Rummy Nabob app”

Now Register yourself by entering your Phone number and bank details like Account number, IFSC code and Bank Name.

You will get 40 Rupees as a signup bonus, that are equal to 40 chips.

Once you have verified your phone number and added the bank account (for redeeming purposes), you have to add 1001 rupees in Rummy nabob wallet for activating “Dragon vs Tiger” game. If you do not add money, you will not be able to dragon vs tiger game.

Rummy nabob dragon vs tiger
dragon vs tiger

Once you have added the money, you will see ‘Dragon vs Tiger’ game. Enter into the Game and you will see there are two opponents – Dragon & Tiger.

dragon vs tiger
dragon vs tiger

One of them will win in every round. Once the Cards of both sides will be revealed. You have to guess that who will win then tap the chip (from 10 rupee to 10K rupees) of desired amount that you want to invest then tap any one of them (out of Dragon & Tiger) to invest the money from any side.

If your predicted side wins, then you will get double amount back in your wallet. In this way you can keep playing till then you want. Believe me, you can earn huge money from this game but you have to predict the pattern more precisely according to previous results of winning. I will suggest you to start from 10 Rupee chip till you understand the game.

Many peoples are earning the money from this game. I really like this game, that’s why I suggest you to play at least one time.

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