Refer and Earn Paytm Money- LEMONOP APP

Earn Paytm money by refer and earn program using lemonop app. Just download lemonop app and share your referral code and get 10 rupees paytm per refer. You will get money automatically in paytm wallet without redeeming, once you reach the minimum limit of 150.


Other apps are also added daily which are proved along with paytm money proof. If you also wanna share your app which is not listed here. Just comment below we will add along with your referral code in the post.

  • Lemonop app Loot

Download Lemonop App

Register using name, Email and Paytm Mobile number.

Click on 3 dots and Enter Referral Code – LEMONOP104

After Registering now share Your referral code to friends and Earn Paytm money!!

lemonop app
paytm proof
  • Soft Coin app loot

Another app for refer and earn loot is softcoin app. Download app and share your referral code you will get 2 rupees per refer and the good point is that the minimum redemption is 10 rupees for paytm. You may also like Paytm latest promocodes for cashback

Download Soft-Coin app

Put referral code 559159

Now share Your referral code and once you earn 10 rupees just loot them in paytm!!

earn paytm money
softcoin proof

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