Paytm Payments Bank Account & its advantages 

Hey friends if you like to use paytm. Then now a days you have heard this name about paytm payments bank account. Here i will tell you full details about paytm payment bank account, and how to apply for it and what are its advantages.

Paytm payments bank

Paytm generally used for payments between users at 0 percent charge, online shopping and transfer money fom paytm to your bank account and vice-versa. Now they have announced after getting Licence from RBI, paytm will open their bank, just like other banks in our cities and it is cashless. But wait here is more to know about this and its advantages.

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What is paytm payments bank account? 

Actually i have already said that it is like other bank and you can tranfer your money from paytm bank to other bank also. And can submit your money to paytm bank. So you are thinking that what’s the advantage of this account.

You will get 4% annual interest of your money in paytm bank account. And you can submit maximum 1 lakh in paytm bank account. Also you will get checkbook, virtual debit card like other banks.

So these are the main advantages of paytm bank account. Your money will be safe in paytm bank and you can use it anytime and send to onother bank. Also you get interest in paytm bank.

You can apply from below paytm website to change your current paytm account to paytm bank account or you can open paytm app.

Apply for paytm bank account

Does paytm app change after the paytm payments bank account? 

No, paytm will be same and easy to use. Enjoy below advantages with paytm bank account

  • India’s first bank with zero fee on online transactions, no minimum balance and free virtual debit card.
  • The account will have zero balance requirement and every online transaction (such as IMPS, NEFT, UPI) will be free of charge.
  • Physical services like chequebook, demand draft and debit card will be available at a nominal fee, benchmarked to the industry.

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