Mobile Expression app- Earn 300 Rupees Per Month Free

You must be looking to earn some extra money. Wouldn’t it be perfect if I told you I have got a technique which can help you make 300 rupees every month or so. They also give a bonus for a new sign-up that means you get 600 rupees within the first 45 days.

Want to know how? Follow me.

So, From this magical application you earn money and you don’t even have to click or download anything just one application and just check once a week.

The name of the application is Mobile expression app.(Also Called MobileXpression)

Let us see how this works in just 3 steps,

You register yourself on their website. You download mobile Expression application. You claim points every week.

You get your reward!!

Here is a step by step guide to registering yourself. There’s a bonus tip at the end make sure you check it out.

How to Earn 300 Rupees Every Month Using MobileXpression App

STEP 1-   On your Android phone or in your PC open on your browser.

mobile expression app
mobile expression app

STEP 2-  On the home page click on  JOIN NOW.

STEP3-  In this page you will be asked to check your eligibility.

  • Select your carrier.
  • Select your manufacturer.
  • Select your device .
  • Type in your email and check.
mobile expression
mobile expression eligibility

If your device or manufacturer is not shown in that list don’t panic.

Just pick your manufacturer as Gionee and put your device as Elife E7. I have tried it with many accounts. It works for me. 😀

STEP4-  Now after you click on Register you will be taken to the registration page.

mobile expression registration
mobile expression

Fill in all your details and click on I accept

STEP5- Now your account has been created. An email will be sent to your email account.

            Now download the mobile expressions app from playstore.

STEP6-  You get this image on opening the app for the first time. Click on next.

mobile expression
mobile expression

             It asks you to enter the registered phone number, enter it.

STEP7-  Now enable accessibility.

You must be thinking why should I give them permission. On this, I think that If you are using an android phone you are already being tapped meaning your data is being analysed every day that’s how you get targeted ads. They don’t trace your personal information just the event like how much time do you spend on WhatsApp and other apps, which helps in making advertising more targeted.

After you enabled accessibility for mobile expressions app click on done.


LAST STEP-   So now it takes some time to connect to the VPN and then click on continue.


You will get a screen showing your points and when you will have required points, it will give you the option to redeem them for ₹300 amazon gift card.

Some of you might be thinking to dump this idea but let me tell you I am using this application for over more than a year now and I get easy extra money. It feels good. Here is some proof.

mobilexpression proof

How Mobile Expression Works

Let me tell you how it works, every week there are 8 points added to your account. The points are added every Monday evening, so on Monday evenings or any day of the week you need to open this application once and collect those points.

They give you 8 points per week if you are active and you need to collect it on a weekly basis. When you reach 80 points approx 45 days, you can place your order of one ₹300 amazon gift card which will be then sent to your email.

You just need to paste that code to your Amazon account and your amazon pay balance will instantly be recharged with ₹300.

BONUS TIP: I have installed this application on every member’s phone in my family 😀

More income. What say? You can try it too.

Don’t Forget to Share your view and queries with us in the comment section below.

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