MI Unlimited Trick for 24 hour Madness sale to Get unlimited clicks (Loot free Products)

Hey, Guys Today I opened my facebook account I saw that lots of peoples in different groups sharing their URLs asking people to click on a link for price down. I didn’t understand what they are trying to say. But I decided to click their link and see its sale from Redmi called MI 24 hour madness sale.

If you are also new and listening to this here, so I tell you what is going on,

Redmi launched an offer for members to signup and selected any product( such as MI Band, Bag-pack, etc.) of your choice.

When you select a product, they will give you the link of that product and ask you to share the URL, and when your friend clicks on that link after signing in to the Redmi account, he/she will see “Click to bring the price down” option.

mi unlimited trick
mi unlimited trick

Now when they click on that, your product price gets reduced ( for example .20 in one click), so you need many amounts of clicks to get that price to reduce to zero.

mi unlimited trick
mi unlimited trick

So if the product price is 899 rupees you need about 2-2500 clicks to get the price reduced to zero and now you can order that product at rupees 1.

But what you think its easy?

So i decided to help friends and our visitors in a different way by creating unlimited trick to get mi product for free, here i mean you do not need to beg with other peoples to click on your link.

MI Unlimited Trick to Drop Price

Now here the trick and main step provided, the steps are simple and easy to follow.

As you see when you click on your friend link you redirected to redmi website. Also there is a option to sign in with facebook, you just need to signin with facebook and click on that link to drop the price.

So You only need unlimited facebook accounts to drop the price unlimited times, right??

So How to get unlimited facebook accounts?  Simple!!

Just go to tempmail website and create a new facebook account using that temporary mail and open google in incognito mode

Now open your link and sign in with new facebook account which you created using tempmail.

Next what? You know just click to drop price option and you will see like below

mi unlimited trick
mi unlimited trick


How to Drop Price unlimited times?

You need to create unlimited facebook accounts and open your link in incognito mode of Google chrome. Sign in using that account and again click on your link!!

Also i suggest you to open link of your friends too!! Because 1 facebook account can help 10 users, i mean you can click on 10 different MI urls to drop-down friends list, Also you can exchange clicks using this method!! You will be able to drop-down the price in some minutes using this trick,

I highly recommend using that method and Enjoy our MI unlimited trick to Dropdown  the price with self clicks!!

Thinking about How to create your own link and Get free MI Products?

So this is explained for new users, open Redmi 24 Hours Madness  sale and sign in using facebook. Now you will see option “Click to bring the price down

Click on that, After clicking you will see like below

mi unlimited trick
mi unlimited trick

Click on “i want it too” and your link will be generated, So also you need to share url to get clicks and our provided unlimited trick for self click and loot redmi!!


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