How to Locate or Find Lost Android Mobile

Hey friends today we are here with new post which will help you to find or locate your Lost Android phones. Have you ever asked yourself this question that what should you do when you have lost your mobile or your mobile is stolen.? Below wehave provided some tips to locate lost android mobile 

If you have not think about this question. I will ask you to think about this question.

So what you should do if your Android mobile is stolen or lost, here are some tips provided which will help you to get back your mobile. You should try to do everything which will help you to get back phone as soon as possible. As our phone is important to us and has all important things.

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Try these Steps below which you should try first to find/locate lost Android mobile phone.

  • Call continuously on your number from other mobile. so that a Good person can recieve call and help you to get back your phone.
  • If you think you will not got back easily go to police station directly and give them information.
  • Try to find using Android device manager. It is also a good option to find your android mobile. It can also Format your all data using other mobile or computer. But it works when your Lost device is connected to internet.

locate lost android

Android Device Manager helps you to ring mibile even in silent mode, lock mobile, erase all data of your phone. And gives live location of android device.


Go to- Find my phone

To do this you have to search Android device manager in pc. Then login using those email id, which you have saved in lost mobile, you can also use android app. Now you can locate device and ring even in silent mode. You can easily get back your phone using this method. But remember both devices should have connected to internet at that time.




locate lost android locate lost android


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