How to Link Aadhaar to Your Mobile Online

You are receiving many messages related to ‘link your Aadhaar to mobile as per directed by Government‘ on your sim. Yes As per the recent government directive, all the existing customers have to link Aadhaar with their Mobile numbers.

Now call tollfree number-14546 and directly link your Aadhaar card to mobile number, make sure your details of mobile number and aadhaar are matching from same state.

Also you can go to nearest retailer to connect aadhaar to SIM. You can also connect aadhaar to multiple mobile numbers. Only Aadhaar number is required to keep during linking of your SIM.

We Recommend you to link your mobile to aadhaar online as soon as possible because its last date is 31 March 2018. You can be Rejected anytime by operator if you will not connect your aadhar to sim.

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How to connect Aadhar to mobile Online?

To connect your Aadhaar to mobile number is, Go to Nearest Retailer store and ask them to link your sim with aadhar you have.

All you need is your Aadhaar card/number and your Mobile. You will be required to complete biometric verification. You will also receive the verification code (OTP) on your Mobile that would be required to complete the process.

How to connect Aadhaar to mobile number of Airtel?

If whether you have Airtel operator, Idea, Vodafone or any other the process is same for all. However am explaining for airtel users.

aadhaar to mobile

Visit any Airtel Retailer to complete the process. along with Aadhar and your airtel sim with mobile phone you will  You will receive the verification code (OTP) on your Mobile that would be required to complete the process.

You will receive a confirmation SMS within 24 hours.

This process is free and there is no fee for it!!

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  • What will happen to my previous details with Airtel?

All previous details will be overwritten with Aadhaar details.

  •  What would happen to my balance?

Your prepiad balance will remain unaffected.

  •  Do I have to change my SIM?


  •  Once my no is linked to Aadhaar, will my tariff get changed?


  • My name/address is different in my Aadhaar card. What should I do?

Your details will be updated in your mobile account as per the details available in Aadhaar.

  • I have multiple mobile numbers, do I have to link each of them separately?


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