Latest Method To Unblock Airtel Sim In 2 Minutes

Hey friends today we are here with latest unique airtel trick. As you like to enjoy free internet on airtel sim, but it blocks your sim when limit is crossed i.e. you will not be able to enjoy airtel free internet for next 25 days.

Unblock airtel sim

But here presents you latest trick to unblock airtel sim within minutes, then you will again enjoy airtel free internet trick. As previously we have posted airtel free proxy trick, airtel opera mini trick & airtel psiphone vpn trick which is working fine. But the problem is you can enjoy 60-80 mb / day at high speed. If you enjoy more than limit than you will be blocked. Now we have found a trick while experiment with airtel that you can easily unblock the airtel sim without wasting a single penny and more time. And you can enjoy free internet again.

So if your airtel sim is blocked due to more data consumption, you should follow below steps :

How to unblock the airtel sim.

  • Put your phone in airplane mode.
  • Now go to date and time setting.
  • Now untick automatic time and date update.
  • change your date to the gap of next 30 days or more and save.

e.g. if today date is 17 march 2017, you can change it to 17 april 2017 or more.

  • Now after changing your date disable airplane mode (your phone network again comes), go to network setting then airtel APN settings.

Unblock airtel sim

  • Now change your proxy to which is working in your state.

e.g. in UP the working airtel proxy is or you can go below to see more proxy list working in up east and west.

  • Now set port to 80.
  • Again comes to your default browser(chrome browser or your default browser) and disable javascript of your browser (to disable javascript, go to advanced>settings>javascript).
  • then open airtel homepage by typing below address.

  • Then click on go button.
  • you will see that your page will load.
  • Now your airtel sim is unblocked successfully and you can enjoy free internet and proxies again like before.☺

After that you can use our airtel free opera mini internet trick & airtel 3g/4g proxy trick.

i hope you have understand properly how to unblock airtel sim easily. If you face any problem in above step then feel free to comment below.

Also please share it with your friends to help them.


  1. i am not success acording to your articale, my west Bengal airtel sim not unblocking, actually previous time not use any proxy for my apn, but use handler, how unblock easy airtel sim pl help me, your process does not open, pl pl help me

  2. try to open other airtel homepages like-,,, or or ,,,,, or or

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