Jiomoney app – Get 100 rupees Cashback on JioPrime & 303 rupees plan[5 times per user]

Jiomoney app is giving flat rupees 100 cashback on jio recharge of 99 rs & with 303 rupees plan . so i will suggest you to recharge your jio number with this app and get flat 50 rupees cashback 5 times every user.

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How to get 100 rs cashback on Jiomoney wallet

  • you have to download jiomoney app from playstore

Download app

  • After downloading just upload 99+303 rupees on  wallet from debit card
  • Now if you have not joined jio prime reccharge with jiomoney app and get 50rs back in wallet
  • After activating jioprime just recharge with 303 rs plan to get free jio data for 3 months.
  • Again you get 50rs cashback in jio wallet


Now you can do your friend jio recharge and get cashbacks upto 5 times .

Now it means you get total discount is

(99+303)jioprime & 303 rs plan – (50+50)cashbacks = 402-100 =302

so its a good deal to recharge with jio prime.

Rs 50 cashback coupon will be added to your wallet account within 2 days of recharge. You can use this offer up to 5 times and get total Rs 250 off on Jio recharges

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