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How to Activate Jio Caller Tune for Free [4 Methods]

Before You Say Hello! Now you can express you mood by by your caller tune to friends. They are also tired to hear tring-tring Every Time. So set Jio Caller tune Today for free using any of the Four Methods below.

After You Activate Jio Caller Tune for free, Your Callers will listen your favorite song and Enjoy the Song Every time when you are busy 😀 Because you know listening songs make their mood fresh.

You can select jio tunes from large collection of songs, Bollywood to Hollywood, Telugu, Marathi, Hindi, Malayalam etc. songs are easily available to make your caller tune.

How to Set Jio Caller tune Free

There are 4 Methods by which you can set any Song as your caller tune, And these all methods are all free of cost. So use any one method which you like and saves your time.

Activate Caller Tune using MyJio app

If you have downloaded My Jio app then its very easy to set any song as your caller tune using My jio app. Download My jio app

jio app download

Now Install this app and Login by Entering your phone Number.

Once you login, Open the Menu and go to JioTunes


Now search for any song in search bar and listen the song which you like to set as a caller tune.


After you select the song, Click on “Set as JioTune” Button.

Congratulations you have successfully set caller tune in your jio sim. You Get confirmation screen and SMS on activation.


Activate Jio Caller Tune using Jio Saavn app

If you have like to listen songs online then you should also have this app, Because Jiosaavn app proviedes latest released songs and If you are a jio user then you can Set any song as your Caller Tune for Free.

So Lets see the steps on “How to activate caller tune using Jio Saavn app

  • Download Jio Saavn app
  • Now Login to JioSaavn App to check out latest released songs.

jio saavn

  • Now Search or Select a Song which you like to set as Caller Tune.

caller tunes

  • Listen to Preview and click on “Set JioTune”



  • You will receive a confirmation message.

So using Jio saavn app you can easily make any song your caller tune for free by following above steps.

But if you have no Internet and data pack is over or don’t want to download any app to set jio caller tune. Then you can use SMS method to set any song.

If you are a Music lover then also see Best Hindi Songs Download sites

How to set Caller Tune using SMS

  • First, Send SMS JT to 56789
  • Now you will receive a message like below.

caller tune sms

  • Reply using one of the method by pressing 1, 2 or 3.
  • But if you wanna set specific song which you like then you can use one of the method below

If you know song’s Movie Name, then Reply “Movie Name“. E.g. “Ek Haseena thi Ek diwaana tha” and send.

If you know Album name, then type Album name which you know and send.

If you know characters of a song then type some few characters (upto 40 characters) and send. e.g. “Ae dil ha Mushkil”.

  • Now after doing any of the steps above, you will receive songs list.

jio songs

  • Reply with 1 to make that song as your Tune.

How to Activate Jio Caller Tune for Free [4 Methods] 1

  • Reply with Y, and you will receive a final confirmation message.

How to Activate Jio Caller Tune for Free [4 Methods] 2

Congratulations! you have successfully set your caller Tune using SMS method and without using Internet.

So let’s move to last method, This method you may already know that If you press star (*) button then you can copy anyone caller tune and make same song as your tune.

Copy Caller Tune Using Star (*)

This method will work if you are calling Someone and hearing caller tune, So if you wanna make the same tune as your caller tone then Press star during call.

copy tune

Once you press Star Button, You will receive a message like below, Reply “Y”

How to Activate Jio Caller Tune for Free [4 Methods] 1

After you reply “Y” then your jio tune will be successfully created for free! This is the shortcut method to make anyone tune as my caller tune ;D

So this is How we can set caller tune in jio for free without any charges, This all Four methods are fully verified and working in 2019. So If you are a jio customer, why not you are setting a song as your caller tune?. Atleast your friend will Enjoy the call

So I have to go Now! Drop the comments if you have any question.


  • How to Renew Jio Caller Tunes?

You don’t have to renew. It will auto renew for you without any charges.

  • Is there any charge for Activating Caller tune?

No it’s Free


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