Jio latest 4G Data Plans- What is jio-phone plan and Normal Plan?

Reliance has now updated its Jio 4G data plans on july starting at rs 19 with unlimited sms and voice calls isn’t Good?. To know more about all prices and jio 4G data plans check the list below. See jio 4G prepaid Data Plans here, all plans are provided 1.5 GB per day to 4 GB per Day. Also long term plans are listed below.

Also see jio-phone Data plans of rupees 49 and 153  which is only for Jio-phone and works only for jio phone customers.

Other than jio phone plans all plans can be used on Jiofi

Jio updated data plans on 2018 :

  • Jio 1.5 GB per Day Packs:
14928 Days42 GBULUL
34970 Days105 GBULUL
39984 Days126 GBULUL
44991 Days136 GBULUL
  • Jio Small packs, Starting from 19 Rupees:

191 Day0.15 GBUL20
527 Days1.05 GB (0.15/day)UL70

  • Jio 2 GB per Day Packs:
19828 Days56 GBULUL
39870 Days140 GBULUL
44884 Days168 GBULUL
49891 Days182 GBULUL
  • High Data Packs:
29928 Days84 GB (3 GB Per Day)ULUL
50928 Days112 GB (4 GB Per Day)ULUL
79928 Days140 GB (5GB Per Day)ULUL
  • Long Term Packs:
99990 Days60 GBULUL
1999180 Days125 GBULUL
4999360 Days350 GBULUL
9999360 Days750 GBULUL
  • Jio-phone  Plan, only for jio 1500 Rupees Phone
49281 GBUL50
1532842 GB (1.5 GB per Day)ULUL
jio 4g data plans
4g plans

For recharge your jio number or check 4G price if still have confusion you can go to official site here- jio official site

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The above 4G plans can only be availed by customers possessing an LTE compatible device.

What is Jiophone Plan and Normal jiofi plan?

Hey there is important information you must read this, because you may waste your money if you are not aware to jio plans for Jiophone and Normal plans for smartphone devices and jiofi-devices.

You have seen 49 rupees plan and 153 Rupees plan of 28 days for jio-phone users. These Recharges are only for jiophone, The data and all other services like messaging, free call etc. will work when sim inserted on jiophone.

However if you use jio sim to your normal 4G phone(other than jio 1500 rs phone) You must not recharge 49 and 153 rupees plan.

So above i told you which i faced the problem, i also wasted my money because i recharged 153 rupees plan but that plan not worked when i inserted sim in my Jiofi device, Because that plan work only in jiophoe.

So while recharging jio number make sure you are not Recharging with jio-phone plan.

Terms & Conditions Of Jio 4g Data Plans-

  • Voice is truly free – no charge towards voice or the data used to make 4G voice calls.
  • All customers will have the option to opt for Jio Prime membership upon subscription to any available Prepaid or Postpaid plan and payment of Rs. 99.
  • For prepaid subscribers one month denotes 28 days and for Postpaid subscribers it denotes one bill cycle.
  • The subscriber must have an active prepaid/Postpaid Plan to avail the additional benefits offered under Jio Prime.
  • RJIL reserves the right to discontinue the free Voice benefits offered as part of this Plan in case of misuse/ fraudulent use/ unauthorised telemarketing and commercial use.
  • Unlimited SMS referred in the plan benefits will be capped at 100 free SMS per day in compliance with TRAI Regulations.



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