How to Use ZOOM Meeting App on Your Mobile – Host, Join or Schedule a Meeting

Now a days video conferencing apps like Zoom meeting app or Google Meet are very popular for attending a class with your school teacher or for meeting among business mans, Webinars etc. These apps gives you same feeling that you does in your classroom except to Harass friends from the back benches.

Using Zoom meeting app you can watch or attend lecture online or If you are an teacher or Hosting a class then you can schedule a meeting too at your desired time. All these things we are going to tell you step wise here like How to use Zoom app, Joining Zoom invitation link or Create your own invitation link.

Features of using ZOOM App

It has many more features which are required and essential for studying in video or conferencing your video call. The features that you will enjoy are;

  • Hosts upto 100 participants in free version and 1000 users in paid version
  • Unlimited number of meetings.
  • Custom room Name & Password.
  • Recording in mobile and Cloud Recording Feature
  • Chat with Users
  • Screen share
  • Mute/Unmute audio

How to Create Account in Zoom App

Download & Open Zoom App from below

Now click on signup button and create a account by filling details or connect to your Google account directly.

zoom signup
zoom signup

Now you have successfully create your zoom account, In the next step we will learn “How to join a meeting using invitation link or by using Room id”.

Steps to Join Zoom Meeting Using Invitation Link

Open the Zoom Invitation link that you receive and the Host will allow you to Enter into the meeting by clicking on their screen. Once its done, You can easily attend the class or meeting.

Just like I have shared meeting of my mobile below

zoom app meeting

Once you Enter the meeting, I mostly seen that people face problem that they were not able to enable audio of Host. You can listen meeting audio by clicking on “Mic” button in the left bottom corner and select “Call to device” option then click on mute again so that your audio didn’t disturbs other participants of meeting. Then you can easily listen what the host is speaking.

You can turn the mic on when you want to ask or discuss something.

So in this way you can use zoom app for joining a meeting. I hope you find it useful, Below I have shared some frequently asked quetions

  • How to schedule a Meeting using zoom app?

Open Zoom app and click on schedule and enter room name then share joining link with the participants that you would like to join with you.

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