How To Fix a Corrupted Memory Card Pro Mobile tricks

Hello friends AJ here and i will tell you  How To Fix a Corrupted Memory Card.Before dumping any memory card into garbage,always give it a last try. Who knows, may be your card reader or phone has the ultimate problem. So now, all you have to do is to check whether your memory card is really corrupted or not. Check in your memory card with the help of a memory card reader, or a phone. If your memory card is detected, then follow the following steps to recover it back. Procedure 1 to fix a corrupted memory card:

1) Connect your memory
card to your PC and check
the drive which is showing the location of

2) Right click on your memory card drive
and go to
3) Click on Format button, you can see a
pop up box showing the file system as FAT.
Usually the
memory cards support only FAT files.
4) Click on the start button but don’t
check the
quick format option, just leave it blank.
5) Check your memory card if its fixed. If
not, move
on to Procedure 2 to fix a corrupted
memory card: 1) Open RUN by pressing
Ctrl+R and type CMD and
then press enter.
2) Now if the memory card drive. Say for
my drive is L: then type L: and press enter.
3) Now type as format L: and press enter.
4) You will be asked for a conformation and
enter your decision by pressing y or n.
Which mean yes
or no. Simply press y and wait until the
format is
5) This will create default clusters in your
card and give your memory card a 100%
rate to work normally.


Note: We would suggest you to format the memory card in your phone once for better adjustments of the phone settings.

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