How to Find Paytm Kyc Centre Near Me Online

Having an Paytm Account provides you many benefits like quick online bill payments, recharges & money transfer at zero extra charges. But If you created your new paytm account then the next step is to verify your Identity for using Paytm App by doing KYC. So Today we will learn “How to find Paytm KYC Centre near me” using mobile phone.

You know without KYC you cannot use paytm wallet to receive money or If you wanna open paytm account then you require to verify the KYC.

Before we find nearby KYC centers, let’s see what are the documents needed for doing paytm KYC.

Carry any one of the documents below to the nearest Paytm KYC center.

  • Aadhaar Card.
  • PAN Card with any one document – (Driving License, Passport, Voter ID Card, NREGA Job Card).

How to Find Paytm KYC Center Point Me Online

Download and Open Paytm app from below.

Now click on “Nearby KYC Points”.


nearby kyc centre
nearby kyc centre

Allow to locate the Location access and Paytm app will search for nearest registered KYC Center.

You will see a list of Shops that verifies your Paytm KYC.

paytm kyc centers
paytm kyc centers

Select the nearest or relevant center. Paytm app will redirect you to the Google Map location.

location kyc
kyc location

Now bring any of the documents to the center that I listed above.

If you have an Aadhaar Card then you only needs to bring your original Aadhaar card to the KYC Center, But if you don’t have aadhaar card then you need to do the below step.

How to Do Paytm KYC Without Aadhaar Card

If you don’t have Aadhaar Card Document then don’t worry, Still you can verify your Paytm KYC by keeping your PAN card with any one of the following document.

  1. Driving License
  2. Passport
  3. Voter ID Card
  4. NREGA Job Card

So, In this way you can do Paytm KYC. It takes 2 minutes to verify your document in the KYC point.  They will scan your fingerprint and enter your Aadhaar details then charge you around 10 Rupees.

Paytm doesn’t message or calls you specially regarding KYC or other things related to wallet. So beware of fake calls and frauds.

Paytm KYC Customer Care Number

In case you need any help or more information regarding KYC, Then dial any of these customer care number.




Select the relevant issue and they will reach to you between 10 AM to 7 PM.

Beware of Fake Calls Regarding Paytm KYC

Paytm requests you to do not trust these communications which attempts to get your account details to steal your money. If somebody calls you to download any app such as Anydesk or Quicksupport etc. to renew your KYC then don’t follow such apps or tutorials because such apps can be used to steal your paytm login details.

Fraudsters are sending fake SMS to the random peoples that”Paytm account would be blocked or KYC will be expired and asking to call on a particular number provided in fake SMS.

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Important Points Regarding Paytm KYC

These are important tips that you should read whether you have done KYC or not. Please read the following points to prevent fraud.

  • Paytm KYC can be done only by having a face to face meeting on Paytm KYC point.
  • Paytm will never call or ask you to download any app.
  • A paytm employee will never ask you OTP, PIN, Password, Password reset link, Debit/Credit card details etc.
  • Paytm will not ask you to send money or any registration fees.

You may or may not aware about “Paytm Video KYC” feature. This feature allows you to verify paytm KYC in your home without any charges. I have also shared “How to do Paytm KYC at home”.

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