How To Compress a Video File

Hey friends we like to watch videos or upload on your Youtube channel, but as you know HD Video files are very large sizes and takes much time to upload on Youtube also occupy much space in drive. You may wanna know about How to compress a video for email, using handbrake any video can be compressed up to 90%

You can also compress any video up to 85-90% for youtube or whatsapp and easily upload or Share on WhatsApp. I have compressed 107 MB to 17 MB which you can also do easily by following steps below.

So here we are with new trick to compress any video file with a software- Handbrake.

As sometime we face memory space problem on mobile phone or may be in computer hard drive. Handbrake helps you to compress a video of any format very easily, fast and save your memory space, Here we will tell you how to use handbrake software and highly compress any video for youtubers.

Also i have compressed my videos using handbrake and will show you results images of compression below.

How to install and Compress Video using Handbrake-

First of all you have to download and install Handbrake software for pc from link provided below(about 10mb)

Download Handbrake

open and install it on you pc.

If its showing problem during installing handbrake see below steps i have also faced problem during installation but finally installed 🙂

After double clicking if it will show popup of installing .NET framework,

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connect your internet to pc and install, it will not again show you any problem and install .net framework from internet like image below.

compress a video

After .NET Framework installed from web, Handbrake will be installed automatically.

compress a video
net framework installation for handbrake

Now open the handbrake from homescreen, its panel will look like below

compress a video
handbrake homescreen

How to Compress a Video using Handbrake

Now After successfully installing handbrake lets come to the main point, How to Compress video.

Its not hard to compress video using handbrake follow my step by step process to compress any video

You can see Video below if you don’t wanna read full, video contains full process!!

  • Open handbrake and then open the video file which you want to compress
compress a video
selecting a video
  • Now select your video file which you want to compress(i have selected 107 mb video file here)
compress a video
compress a video
  • Once you select a video file, follow my settings on handbrake.
  • After selecting video select destination folder in which you want to save the compressed video
compress a video
handbrake settings

In the above image i have selected D:/ as my destination folder, and cropping automatic, but you can select custom and set all 4 values 0 of top, right, bottom, left.

In the Right sidebar you can see i have selected Legacy as Normal, but you can select other which you want to target. But i will suggest keep it normal for first time and follow the below steps:

Settings for Handbrake software-

  • Now there no need to edit Filters & Video panel, directly go to audio panel, here you select audio quality which you want, here i have selected to 128 normally which is better for every video but you can select of your choice because it will slightly affect sound quality,
  • if you are using ringtones in your video you can select lower value, if sound doesn’t matters more for your video.
compress a video
sound quality
  • After selecting sound value you have to click on ‘add’ button appearing below the right sidebar and set any name & description for it
compress a video
add preset
  • Now the last step is you have to click on ‘start encoding’ button in the Topbar of panel of green color
  • Now it will take 5 minutes to compress according to video size and you will get your compressed video on destination folder.

You can see my converted file compressed from 107 mb to 17mb 🙂

Now enjoy the software and you will not face any problem and you can easily upload your any youtube video or send in email. You can also compress a video for email using handbrake. Hope you will like my post about how to compress a video. like and share with your friends

compress a video
compress a video
compress a video
compress a video

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