Hosgator Web Hosting- Cheap & Best Web Hosting Company [Review 2019]

The web hosting service we use

If you ask me “What is Best & Cheap web hosting?”. I will definitely suggest you “Hostgator Web Hosting“, Especially for newbies, I am also using Hostgator for 2 years now, and found it the best Web hosting!

So, In this post, I am covering a question which has been asked by some of our dedicated readers. The question is that  “What hosting service do we use to get a speedy website?”.


So in this post, I am going to fully explain about our hosting service provider and also how you can choose the best web hosting plan for your website according to your needs.

First of all, What does a hosting service provider do?

A hosting provider is just like a company or a service which allows your Domain(website) to be visible on the internet. They serve your website to the users on the internet worldwide.

We are using HostGator for almost more than 2 years now and hopefully will keep using its excellent service. I am going to divide this review into two parts, as usual, the things which I liked and things I had a problem with.

So Lets Start.

Host Gator Web Hosting  – Pros (Good Things)

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  • The number one thing which I liked about HostGator was that it was easy to set up and user-friendly.  I have jumped to almost 4-5 hosting providers before I finally stumbled upon HostGator and found it had really easy to use interface.
HostGator-cPanel-Paper-Lantern-theme (1)
  • Now even with the user-friendly interface, there were times when I got strangled in the web of technical errors and that’s when I got a pretty accurate and quick response which saved me from a lot of running around and stabilised my website in its initial phase. HostGator web hosting  provides 24*7 support to their customers and the support is good.

      Here is the Link to the HostGator Support Panel In case if you ever had any problem.

HostGator Support
HostGator Support
  • While I started out in 2016 Hostgator was still improving on its features and quality but now that they have, HostGator web hosting provides a decent uptime. In the past few months, there have only been maintenance breaks for 2-3 minutes and that’s it. The servers are on the run 24*7 literally. This is very important as Google does not like websites which are offline too often so it helps us make a decent image in front of Google 😀

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  • Now, Google loves speedy websites. HostGator provides us with localized servers which loads the content fast which again helps in ranking purposes.  And I love the speed of my website all because of HostGator.  Sometimes there are lags due to some plugin errors which we solve with the help of the support.
Speed test Result
Speed test Result (Lot of work to do to Reach 90+)


  • One benefit which you can avail if you don’t like their hosting is that they provide you with 45 days of money back guarantee. I personally think that 10-20 days are enough to actually analyze if the hosting is good for you or not but HostGator with their premium quality service are so confident that they provide you with a 45-day money back guarantee. Luckily, I did not avail this feature from HostGator 😀



HostGator Web Hosting- Cons (Not so Good Things)

  • One thing which I don’t have time to do is Backups. And unfortunately, HostGator doesn’t provide with automatic backups. they charge an extra amount for that. Although I have sorted this out by using a WordPress plugins which does it for me now. 🙂
UpdraftPlus for Automated Backups
UpdraftPlus for Automated Backups
  • A little pricy at the renewals.  HostGator Web hosting has got amazing deals for their customers but when it comes to renewals the price stings a bit. But now using Hostgator from the starting and getting the consistent performance I just go with it because you don’t want to get into that hassle of migrating a whole bunch of your sites and pages onto the other site and you are not sure whether or not the new Hosting will provide the same quality as HostGator does. So HostGator for life it is.


  • Sometimes the support is not that quick. I understand that there are a hell lot of domains(9 Million) hosted by HostGator but still, sometimes it takes time to get to the support and actually solve the problem.

So, this was all about the Hosting service we use and Why we use it.

If you are looking forward to starting a website or a blog in the near future or you currently own a blog but are not getting performance and support from your website you may try HostGator.

Here is a glimpse of the plans that HostGator offers.

Hostgator Plans
Hostgator Plans Worldwide



HostGator Plans in India
HostGator Plans in India


If you want to start a new website and want a world-class hosting service then I would recommend you to go with Hostgator. And if you are short on cash and want extra discount and deal from Hostgator you can use our Affiliate link is given below, which will help both of us as You get a great deal and we get little commission on your purchase.

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If you use HostGator or any other service, you can give your review in the comments sections below so that it may help the people who are actually researching on the internet about these Hosting Providers.

This is your host Ketan.

See you in the next post.


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