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Hindustani Bhau Youtube Channel Deleted – Rumor or True?

Hindustani Bhau youtube channel got deleted or faced Youtube strike. It is not confirmed by Hindustani bhau’s Instagram Account or other social media accounts officially.

But He Said in a statement that “He will create new Youtube account“, keep working and contribute for their country like always. They will officially Inform when they open onother channel.

Hindustani Bhau is known for his logical dialogues, Narratives, Style, Way of talking. He became more famous on Youtube since his entry in Bigg Boss season 13.

But as You know they are very famous in India for supporting Indians and making fun of peoples who hate India. People love them very much. If it’s real news that youtube officially deleted “Hindustani Bhau” youtube channel then it’s not a big deal for them to get their followers back again.

hindustani bhau youtube
hindustani bhau youtube channel

Hindustani bhau has become even more famous since he joined Big Boss. So this news is very sad for their followers. You must have seen your friends many times while sharing Hindustani bhau meme and have also shared themselves. His popularity and fame is seen here.

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However it’s not confirmed that youtube has deleted their channel but their most of the videos are age restricted you know, So they can go against youtube commuity guidelines.

As a youtuber you should read some rules of youtube that may not cause you any loss in future.

Right now, Their Channel can’t be found on Youtube, whatever updates will come about it will be shared here.

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