Hacking FB Account Using Google Dork List

Hello friends Aj here and i will tell you how to hack facebook account using google dork. everyone wanna how to hack facebook account, but hacking facebook account isn’t so easy task. Facebook spends millions of dollars to prevents their users from hacking & provide best security. But every security has some weakness. so you can hack someone account using method below, however its not guaranteed that you can hack using method below due to updated security of facebook.

How to hack facebook account?

Prerequisites: (This one is Easy!)
1. A modern webbrowser and a internet.
2. Time
Method 1: Facebook!We will be using a
google dork to find
usernames and passwords of many
accounts including Facebook!

The Dork: intext:charset_test= email=
Enter that into Google, and you will be
presented with several sites
that have username and passwords lists!
Method 2: WordPress!
This will look for WordPress backup files
Which do contain the
passwords, and all data for the site!The
Dork: filetype:sql inurl:wpcontent/
Method 3: WWWBoard!
This will look for the user and passwords of
WWWBoard usersThe
Dork: inurl:/wwwboard/passwd.txt
Method 4: FrontPage!
This will find all users and passwords,
similar to above.The Dork:
ext:pwd inurl:(service | authors |
administrators | users) “# –
Method 5: Symfony!This finds database
information and loginsThe
Dork: inurl:config/databases.yml -trac –
trunk -“Google Code” -source
Method 6: TeamSpeak! (big one!!!!!)

Thiswill search for the
server.dbs file (a Sqlite database file With
the SuperAdmin username
and password!!!)The Dork: server-dbs
“intitle:index of”
Method 7: TeamSpeak2!!! (also big!)

Thiswill find the log file which
has the Super Admin user and pass in the
Top 100 lines. Look for
“superadmin account info:”The Dork:
Method 8: Get Admin pass!

Simple dork which looks for all types of
admin infoThe Dork: “admin account info”
Method 9: Private keys! (not any more!)
This will find any .pem files
which contain private keys.The Dork:
filetype:pem pem intext:private
And the Ultimate one, the regular
directory full of passwords….
Method 10: The Dir of Passwords!

Simpleone! The Dork: intitle:”Index
of..etc” passwd

Use At Own personal Risk

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