Google trick – Top 10 Cool Google Search Tricks

Hello friends. well as we have gained enough knowledge regarding google operators, lets have a look at the following 10 cool google search tricks.

  • Google trick to¬† search different file formats (keyword filetype:doc)
  • Google trick to search educational resources (keyword example (computer
  • Finding the time of any location (time india)
  • Finding the weather of any location (delhi¬†weather)
  • Tracking commentary of live events (Olympic games )
  • Using Google as a calculator (9 * 10)(143+234)(119-8)
  • Converting currencies (1 USD in Rs)(10 US Dollars in Indian Rupee)
  • Find how many teaspoons are in a quarter cup (quarter cup in teaspoons)
  • how many seconds there are in a year (seconds in a year)
  • Tracking stocks (stocks:MSFT)
  • Finding faces (add imgtype=face to the URL)

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