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Google Pay 2020 Offer- Trick to Collect Disco Stamp Free

Latest Google pay offer for you to Earn money in bank, Google pay 2020 offer has been launched this Christmas on 23 December and offer lasts till 31 December. Follow all the Trick to Collect all Google pay 2020 Stamps to get assured gift from Google Pay & 202-2020 Rupees in Bank Directly.

First of all Download Google Pay app, Signup. Then Slide down and Activate Google Pay 2020 Offer.

google pay 2020 offer

Then need to understand the Game after watching the name ;D

Trick to Collect Google Pay 2020 Stamps

Yo need to require to collect the stamps that you see in the offer. Follow these tricks to collect them quickly.

If there are 7 stamps named as- Disco, Toffee, Selfie, Pizza, Balloon, DJ, Sunglasses.



google pay stamps
google pay stamps

In the Above Image, You can see Layer 1, 2 & 3.

If you collect 3 stamps of layer 1. You get additional bonus voucher coupon like Cashback coupon of myntra, Redbus etc.

Similarly for layer 2 & 3.

Let’s see how to complete these layers and collect the stamps before 31 december

Trick to Collect Disco Stamp

Disco Stamp is the most exclusive stamp because it cannot be easily obtained by doing recharges and other offers, So Most of the people are Stucked on this stamp. Follow this trick to get this Stamp Quickly.

#Trick 1 for Collecting Disco Stamp

Google Pay latest Trick To Get Disco Stamp. It Worked 2/3 Times ( also I Got Disco Once)

1. Go To Offers Section in google pay app & Click On Book Hotel

2. Select Any Location ( Delhi Preferable) & Date Of January 2020

3. Now Sort By Cheapest First

4. Select The Cheapest Hotel With Free Cancellation

Note : Must Select Free Cancellation Hotel Only

5. Now Pay Money Via G-Pay UPI

You Will Get One Scratch Card And One Disco / Selfie Stamp

Now Cancel The Hotel Booking (Refund Is Mostly Instant)

Verified Trick But Still Try At Your Own Risk.

#Trick 2 for Collecting Disco Stamp

If I share How I collected Disco Stamp then you should read these 2 lines only. Just Gift Extra Stamps you have to your friends and you will surely get exclusive Stamps for free in Surprise Stamp section.

disco stamp
disco surprise stamp
#Trick 3 to Collect Disco/selfie Stamp

Use 2020 Scanner in Google Pay app, Scan the images Shared below, You can get DJ Stamp or any Random Stamp as per your Luck.

Google Pay 2020 Offer- Trick to Collect Disco Stamp Free 1 Google Pay 2020 Offer- Trick to Collect Disco Stamp Free 2

How to Collect Toffee Stamp

To collect this stamp I have to spend Rs. 300 on a bill. So I will do a bill payment of given Amount to collect it.

How to Collect DJ Stamp

In the Same way If i want to collect onother stamp- “DJ”, I have to do a 98 Rupee Mobile Recharge of any number.

Trick to Get Sunglass Stamp

80% chance to get Sunglass Stamp by using these steps;

  1. Add money in Airtel Payments bank
  2. Pay by Google Pay Upi
  3. Done you will Get Sunglass Stamp

Trick to Get Selfie or Disco Stamp

Go to offer section and select Urban clap

Select man saloon and select Rs249 hair cut

Pay with Google pay

Then cancel the order instantly from payment success page

You will get selfie or Disco Scratch card, Claim Fastly!

Try at your own risk

New Rare Stamp Collect Trick

  • Open Flipkart app (New Version)
  • Make Cart Value Above Rs.100+
  • Select Payment Option – Upi
  • Now Pay Using GooglePay Upi

After Payment You Will get a Rare Stamp like disco, toffee or selfie. 

After Collect Stamp Cancel Your Order.. You Will Get Full Refund In Your Bank Account.

How to Claim Reward

So in this way all 7 stamps can be collected. The Cake is made of 7 stamp. Once it get completed you will see page like below image;;

Google Pay 2020 Offer- Trick to Collect Disco Stamp Free 3

Click on “claim your assured gift” button.

Scratch the card in “My-Rewards” section and enjoy!

google pay stamps
google pay scratch card

What is Google Pay 2020 Offer?

A Promotion program from Google pay to get benefits for their users and of course their own benefits too!. Just like Rangoli offer this offer is launched for a week till 31 December. You can Earn upto 2020 rupees free from this offer. You have to collect the 7 stamps by doing the tasks as asked you to do in the Google pay app.

Previously I have shared Free Recharge apps

Update the Google pay app & then Open, go to “2020” Offer

Also see- Google Pay Refer Offer- Earn 180 Rupees Per Refer

How to get more Stamps

You can Simply gift the Extra stamps that you have and exchange with your friends too according to your need!

Most of the stamps you can collect easily, But Some of those are not easy to collect that’s why I am sharing trick to collect it quickly and you never miss the loot.

Claim Random Stamps here Shared by other peoples

You will get a random stamp by scanning 2020 Images. So guys its daily limit is 2 times. Try daily with different images. If you are facing difficulty for collecting other stamps, Then comment below I will share other methods here.

Telegram groups for sharing Google pay stamps

If none of them works for you. The last tip I suggest you to go to telegram groups provided here. Thousands of stamps are shared daily by hundreds of users You can claim any stamp that you need easily. Also there you could purchase the stamps to make at least your profit of some penny at last.

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