Facebook Research App- Earn Unlimited Money Without Doing Anything

Earn Unlimited money by installing Facebook Research app on your mobile, This app is an official app of Facebook under applause research project, you only need to install and keep this app on your phone and you will get 5$ on end of every month and 10$ per refer on your Paypal account!!

So isn’t cool method to earn money online without doing anything?, Actually this app is for researching to improve user experience by analyse internet searches of user, your habits and how you use internet on your phone, Also don’t worry your data will not be misused.

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facebook research app proof
facebook research app proof

How You Make Money by Facebook Research app?

Once installed, you will be paid for each month the application remains installed and active on your phone.

In addition to being paid for your participation, you will also be paid every month for every participating referral you provide.

If you refer even just 5 friends to the project within 30 days of joining the program, you could earn up to $75 per month for just keeping the application installed!

There is no limit to how many referrals you can provide! Refer 5, 10, 100 or more friends and see your monthly payout increase with every referral that joins!

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So you probably understand how you can earn money by Facebook Research app,

You Just need to submit Paypal registered email below  and you will receive an email from (facebookresearch@applausemail.com) like below image regarding sign-up on Facebook research app, just install app and signup from there (just like image below) and you are Ready to Earn money!!

facebook research app
facebook research app


And, You are Ready to Earn $$$

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I hope you like this post for earning money daily using research app, if you face any problem then feel free to comment below. Also share it with your loved ones.

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