Enable god mode on your pc by simple trick [get all settings in one place]

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Here we will learn how to enable God mode on your Pc/laptop

actually god mode is the shortcut formed on your Desktop which will contain your all system settings at one place.

By enabling god mode ,you will easily find out your all Pc settings on desktop icon.

you will easily find your settings like Bluetooth,internet, Devices and printers, keyboard, mouse settings etc. .

by this you can easily manage your settings.

Now, follow the steps given below to enable God mode icon on your desktop.

step 1> go to your windows screen.

step 2> right click your mouse then choose new folder

step 3> rename this folder to the given name provided below .(just copy &paste)


now you have created god mode shortcut on your screen ;

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cheers..You will see shortcut like screenshot below.


god mode

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