How to Purchase Domain names at very cheap prices

Cheap domain names available on godaddyBuying a .com domain name always costs alot. It doesn’t matter from which domain seller you are purchasing it . Generally domain names cost 11$ on an average for an year even if you buy it from Google, Go daddy etc.

The article is  about “How I got a domain name in a very cheap price from go daddy”.

Selecting a Domain name.

The most complicated work is to select the domain name. Mostly it is found that the domain name which we like to use is already taken up. Other reason why people gets confused is because, they don’t find a domain name which is compatible with their site type.

Here we fixed your issue,

There are many tools on the Internet which helps you in selecting an available domain name which perfectly matches with your site type . We manually checked all these website and found that website namemash is working perfectly and can solve your problem of selecting the domain name.

How to purchase the domain name in cheap price.

I am going to tell what i and the most the website owners do before purchasing the domain name.

how to get a domain name in cheap price



Wait for the Best day.

By saying that wait for the best day it doesn’t mean that you have to wait for a very long time. I mean from that you just wait for a big day to come because, domain registrar companies like Go daddy and other gives a huge discount on festivals. So, you can wait for some days for getting some extra profit.

Stay away from premium domain names.

premium domain names are those domain names which are oftenly searched by the user in the google search and it is generally used in our daily lives.

A premium domain can cost you upto 5000$. So, be sure that you haven’t selected the premium domain name.

Here we fixed your issue with premium domains. If you want the premium domain name and that also in cheap price then the best way for doing that is instead selecting the internationalized country code top-level domains you can select the normal country code top level domain name.

The main difference between them is that of domain.For example, A premium domain name “” is available in 1500000 Rs. which uses .com and if we see the price of the same domain name with different domain then we will see a huge difference in the price.

Don’t forget to use coupons.

Coupons plays a big role in getting a domain name in less price. Proofs are here,

After using the coupon code.

before using the coupon code.






The best website which we have filtered for getting free coupons for the major domain name seller go daddy is coupons .

I am sure that after taking care of these points one can easily get alot profit.

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