How to Delete Skype Account in 3 Steps [Updated 2019]

Hello, everyone in this post we are going to know How to Delete Skype Account Permanently in a fast and easy way. But before we do that let’s backtrace our journey as to why we want to delete Skype account now?

Delete Skype Account
Delete Skype Account

Skype was one of the most popular video chatting and conferencing websites some year earlier. Nowadays with more and more number of people using their smartphone for video calls, Skype has lost its position to Whatsapp video calling and Google Duo.

Skype was launched in 2003 so it was really the leader in the video calling market and early Citizens were very fond of it. It was a revolutionary technology back then. But now people have ceased using Skype as its mobile version is not so good as its competitors and also its mostly used by old people just because they are attached to it.

Young Citizens are preferring more advanced apps like Google Duo, the universal WhatsApp for video calls and Viber.

Deleting a Skype is no less than walking on fire.

So let’s jump right into that fire and achieve our aim.

Deleting a Skype account is a long process involving multiple steps but don’t worry we are with you at every step. Microsoft doesn’t want you to delete Skype account I think ūüėÄ

How to Delete Skype Account Safely

Before you close your Skype account, be sure you won’t lose active subscriptions, or any unused Skype Credit, Turn off Auto payment and cancel any subscription if you purchased is Important. Make Sure You take backup of your contacts, Chats and other data which may require to you in Future.

Check to make sure you aren’t leaving anything important behind.¬†When you close your Skype account, the associated Microsoft account is also closed, and you won’t be able to sign in to any other Microsoft products or services you’re been using, such as Xbox, OneDrive, or Before closing your account,¬†read more about how to check your account and save anything important.

Use all the money in your account before you close it. Sign in to your account to view your current Skype Credit balance or Ask for Refund

Cancel any active subscriptions. If you have Auto-recharge enabled and cancel your account without first cancelling your subscription, you will continue to be charged until you turn off Auto-recharge. Learn how to disable Auto-recharge.

Closing Your Account- Request for Account Closure , Your account will be closed after 60 days. But if you change your mind before then, just sign into your account again to cancel the closure.

So to Kill your Skype account you need to go through this checklist I have mentioned above. Please ensure all these steps are righteously done before actually deleting the account or else Microsoft will just deny your request to delete Skype account like an on old aunt.

  • Check for active subscriptions and cancel them right there.
  • Request for refund or a better option would be to just use them up.
  • If you bought a Skype number, revoke it.
  • If you had recurring payment options, then turn it off.
  • Change the mood message.
  • Put your status as offline/invisible so that Microsoft knows you are not active anymore.
  • Sign out of all devices lastly.

Cancel Skype Subscription

Now the second hurdle is to call off any subscription or recurring payments options which you may have to enable before. Does Microsoft dosen’t understand that if someone is closing the account then how can subscription be continued? But no you have to do it manually.

In Skype account settings, got to subscriptions, and Click on all the subscriptions one by one. It will prompt you a “Cancel subscription” message. Click on it and that it.¬† Now click on “Thanks but no thanks, I still want to cancel” message and you are done. So stubborn right?

The second Hurdle passed. Two more.

NOTE: Now you can request a refund of the unused credit if any in your account via the customer support or by filling out the online cancellation and refund form.

Cancel Skype Number

Now you need to cancel your Skype number which you have bought from Microsoft. To cancel it, go to

Skype Number >> Manage Features>>Settings>>Cancel Skype Number

The third hurdle also passed. Now the last one.

NOTE: The number remains unallocated for 90 days, which means if you want to reactivate it again you can do within 90 days after which it will be permanently deleted.

Stop Auto-Recharge

You need to tell Microsoft to not to charge your account of further subscriptions and for that, you will have to disable the auto-recharge option. For this, you need to go to

Account Details >> Billing & Payments >> Click on Disable >>

Note: This is different from auto-renewal subscriptions.

So, the last hurdle is also passed easily.

Majority of the work is finished now. Only some precautionary measures are left.

Close my Account

Request for Account Closure , Your account will be closed after 60 days. But if you change your mind before then, just sign into your account again to cancel the closure.

It is recommended by experts that you must change your profile details and also change your profile picture so that your contact and people may not find you. Contact details, email, friends contacts everything needs to be removed. Although it will be removed after some days it is preferable to remove it manually.

I hope this article must have helped you in deleting your Skype account. If at any step you are stuck or do not understand then please comment.

And also contact the Skype support team for more clarity over your doubts. A lot of your information and money is at stake while deleting the account so read and take actions very carefully.

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  • Can i use Skype Account Without Microsoft Account?

No, You can’t use Skype without Creating a Microsoft Account

  • Can I Unlink Microsoft from Skype?

Skype is a Product of Microsoft, You need to delete your Microsoft Account to delete Skype Account, So you cannot separate Microsoft Account with Skype.

  • How can I Close my Microsoft Account?

You can close your Microsoft account by following these steps:

    1. Go to our Microsoft account closure page. You may be prompted to sign in or verify your password.
    2. Make sure you are signed in to the Microsoft account you want to close and select Next. 
    3. In the¬†Select a reason¬†drop-down list, choose the reason you’re closing the account.
    4. Select Mark account for closure.
  • How Long Does it take to Close My Account?

Your Microsoft account will be closed in 60 days.

  • Can I Recover My Account After I Request for Deletion?

If you changed your mind, Just Sign in to your Microsoft account within 60 days of closing it.

You cannot Recover your Account if its more than 60 days, So be careful for your Decisions.

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