Successfully Install Custom Recovery On Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

Hey friends today i am here to tell you about how to install custom recovery in samsung galaxy grand 2 (SM-G7102)

I have presented this post because i successfully installed custom recovery on my grand 2 after failure of many times, So identified a unique method to install custom recovery on grand 2

Also You can see Video below about installing custom recovery

How to successfully install custom recovery?

Before explaining i am telling you that before successfully install custom recovery on my android device, I tried at least 15 times ..but failed to successfully install the recovery. Also you may have face the same problem so you land on this post but after fully read of this post you will don’t need to search more about installing custom recovery on grand 2.

If you have tried also many times like me, don’t quit guys..please just give a chance provided here, you will absolutely got success after trying the method below.

You have tried all methods like flashing with different computers & laptops. Different recoveries like CWM, TWRP,PHILZ etc..with flashify, ADB tools etc. but not get success every time. isn’t it ?

So lets start our tutorial. You will get 100% success.Just download the version of TWRP recovery provided below

Firstly there is no compulsory to root your device but you should enable usb debugging and developer mode opened to open developer mode just go to your phone settings>about device>tap on build number 8-10 times> now you have activated developer mode on your device.

Now press back button one time on your device and you will see Developer options there, just go to developer mode and enable the u.s.b debuggling by tick mark on usb debuggling. And follow the below steps to successfuly install TWRP recovery on galaxy grand 2

How to install :

Download TWRP 3.00

After that download Odin 3.09 provided below

Download Odin 3.09

Also download samsung usb drivers provided below

Download samsung usb drivers

  • After downloading Samsung u.s.b drivers install it on your p.c.
  • Extract  Odin 3.09 on your p.c or laptop.
  • Switch off your Galaxy Grand SM-G7102 & put it on downloading mode by pressing the following the 3 keys simultaneously.

Volume down(-) + Home button + power button. and connect it on your p.c via original data cable [make sure you have installed Samsung u.s.b drivers]

  • Now open your Odin 3.09 (Run as administrator)
  • You will see a sign that your device is connected on Odin like below

custom recovery


  • Untick the Reboot button
  • Click on AP and select  TWRP 3.0(.tar file) (which you have downloaded)

custom recovery

  • Click on start, After flashing finishes just remove the data cable from your phone and just remove the battery.

custom recovery

  • Again insert the battery on your phone and Reboot your device normally
  • After reboot, Again switch off your device & just press the following keys to go on TWRP recovery on your samsung galaxy grand 2

Vol. up(+) button + Home button + power button for 5-10 seconds.

Now you will see that you are in TWRP recovery successfully and flashed the custom recovery successfully.

Also see- How to install firmware in samsung galaxy grand G7102

custom recovery

So now enjoy the recovery guys..
Now after successfully installed recovery on your device, you can do various operations like..install custom rom & install dolby atmos , root your device with super su easily ..for our next guide on how to root your device with super su after installing custom recovery click here.

Also feel free to comment if you face any problem, I will try to help you


  1. I am on JB 4.3, I tried to install custom recovery. However when I try to reboot in recovery, it gives message ‘rebooting in recovery…’ then a blue screen is flashed and then it reboots normally.

    1. Is your device showing boot menu.?
      Or boot menu not appearing.?
      If not appears,
      Then go to download mode and again flash recovery provided with proper tick marked on image(untick auto reboot)., when finished then unplug the data cable.
      Now don’t reboot, remove battery and insert again the battery and boot in recovery mode..tell me it works or not.?
      Then i will tell you further instructions.

  2. Thanks for your reply…

    Boot Menu is not appearing… What do you mean by “recovery provided with proper tick marked on image” ? Where can I get the correct recovery?

    1. Ok. I mean that, see images in the post also while flashing recovery. Thats it.
      correct recovery i have provided above, with datafile host link (twrp3)
      Download that.
      Can you go to download mode?
      If yes then go to download mode again. Again flash with odin and steps i have talked in my previous comment.
      If you can’t go to recovery than you have to flash your device firmware again with odin. Then it will show default boot menu, then again follow the steps,
      Also see the video in the post.
      If you face further problem, then tell me..
      I will provide you my best.;)

    1. Thank you dear for again landing here.
      I am glad to see you here again, feeling good to help you.
      After i have installed twrp recovery, i tried to install note4 rom downloaded from xda developer website. But my phone bricked during installation of this rom. 🙂
      So i recovered again by installing the official rom of samsung grand 2, but i tried many times to install NOTE4 rom in my device, i dont know why note4 rom not installed on my device,
      But i seen somewhere that note4 rom will be installed from CWM recovery. But my phone also didn’t support cwm recovery because I also flashed cwm using odin but not get success. Finally i installed this twrp. And not tried to install any rom again.
      But i installed dolby atmos zip file and supersu using twrp..
      Successfully installed, i feel shocked to heared my device sound after flashed dolby atmos.!!;)
      Also you can install dolby zip file i have provided in post “how to install dolby in android device”
      Ao finally i am using Samsung official rom+twrp flashed+dolby and super su rooted.
      Also i have found a twrp 3 flashable rom on xda site, but i didn’t tried. You can try but be careful!!
      Also if you are going to install any rom, please be conform that it will be flashed or not using twrp.

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