BOMBitUP Online Sms and Call bomber latest version download

Hey guys here we are sharing onother funny trick to you. Download BOMBitUP latest online sms bomber and call bomber apk for android and bomb unlimited sms to your friend mobile. You can bomb SMS to U.S.A number also with this app.

But before using please keep in mind that you will not misuse this sms bomber app.

Actually most sms bomber websites are not working because of outdated script and API. But the app you download from here is up to date and working and personally i am using in my phone number for texting and receiving SMS online

Also you can use call bomber & other features of this app to prank your friends. However there is some limit per day for this app due to security reasons.

BOMBitUP Sms Bomber apk Features


You can say this sms bomber is all in one pack for bombing purpose. If you use it for revenge purpose then it may cause you legal penalty under the cyber law. But you can use it to your number for prank purpose.

  • Easy to use design and a best prank to have fun that to annonymously!
  • Prank Your friends anytime
  • As always, this app is free to download and use for fun purpose no hidden charges!
  • Bomb sms to U.S.A and INDIA
  • Call Bomber
  • SMS Bomber
  • Send Custom message through whatsapp blast
  • Whatsapp Bomber
  • Email Bomber
  • Protection Feature

You can add yourself in protected list, If anyone is annoying you by this app. But you need to add your number every week because list gets cleared every week. This will help you to protect yourself from sms bombing

How to use BOMBitUP Sms Bomber app

Download Bombitup apk from developer official website and follow the below steps to prank friends.

Install the app

install bombitup
install bombitup

You should connected to internet to work this app, as this app works online.

Open the app and accept ‘Terms & Conditions’

Click on “SMS blast” for bombing sms.

sms bomber
sms bomber

Now choose the country from where phone number belongs

After selecting country enter phone munber of your friend and put numbers of sms (in “count” field) you wanna send for annoying

Finally Click on Bombit button and SMS will be sent successfully!!

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How to use BOMBitUP Call bomber Feature?

Similarly you have used sms bomber, this call bomber feature has the same process.

Select “call blast” option from menu and enter Your friends number then click on BOMBIT button and call will be send from unknown number.

Only one call will be sent per click and 5 clicks are allowed per day.

The call bomber feature is limited to 5 times per day for security reasons.

Also please don’t use this for revenge purpose and other illegal activities. This app is for fun and knowledge purpose only. For any activity, we will not be responsible.

How to use Email Bomber

Open the menu from top left corner and select Email blast

Enter the email of victim and send

Steps to use Whatsapp Bomber

This feature is in testing condition, I will update more info regarding whatsapp bombing through bombitup. Till then you can enjoy all these features mentioned above.

Disclaimer – These apps are for fun purpose only. By using this app, you are agreeing that you will not misuse it otherwise you may fall under the criminal act. We have shared this app for information & fun purpose only.

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