Amazon Pay Balance Offer Trick to get 200 Rupees

First 40, 000 Prime customers who stream any song on Amazon Prime Music, for the first time ever, between 25th June, 2019 to 10th July, 2019 (both days inclusive) are eligible to receive INR 200 cashback in the form of Amazon Pay balance.

You may thinking about what is amazon pay? So here i will tell you in detail below about amazon pay and its advantages as well as disadvantages.

If you already have an Amazon pay account & Amazon Prime Membership, To Get free 200 Rupees Amazon Pay balance;

Stream Any Music on Amazon Prime Music before 10 July. After You Stream Music an email will be sent by amazon to your Registered Gmail id.

For new users  am describing below in detail about Amazon pay, Benefits & Disadvantage of Amazon Pay, How to create account in amazon pay, How to use gift cards in amazon pay, How to create and send Gift cards from amazon pay etc. So if you wanna know about these things keep reading and you will know everything you need to know about Amazon pay.

What is Amazon Pay?

Amazon pay is a Digital Payment Solution ( just like paytm, BHIM, Mobikwik, freecharge etc. ) of Amazon website for making transactions on Amazon, the faster way to pay and easy to use it for purchasing over 3 crore products, recharge mobile on Amazon in a single click without any OTP and verification. isn’t nice!!

Benefits Of Amazon pay Balance

  • Instant pay with one click and no OTP, Bank passwords pay
  • Faster refunds your balance within 24 hours and Balance tracking
  • Top up funds to Money in Amazon Pay balance by paying Cash.
  • Special cashback offers For Amazon pay transactions.

If you have a COD order worth Rs.90/- being delivered by an Amazon Delivery Agent, and you handover cash of Rs.500/- then you can choose to load the leftover amount of Rs.410/- to Money in Amazon Pay balance.

Amazon pay balance consists 2 parts :

  1. Money
  2. Gifts & Credits.

Difference between Money and Gift Cards

MoneyGifts & Credits
Needs one time verification in order to enable top ups and usageDoesn’t require verification
A maximum of Rs.10,000 can be loaded in a monthThere is no monthly load or spend limit, however the maximum amount that can be added in a single top-up is Rs.10000.
Bank account transfers will be supported soonDoes not support bank account transfers
Money can be added using domestic credit, debit cards, net banking and cash loadsGifts & Credits can be added using domestic credit, debit cards and net banking only

When you buy something from Amazon through amazon pay balance, the balance will deduct from Amazon Gifts & Credits. Not directly from money section. If you earn cashback by purchasing a product on you will get cashback amount in Gifts & credits option.

Also you can see your expiry date of Gifts & credits under view-statement section of Amazon pay dashboard

How to Create Amazon Pay Account?

To register for Amazon Pay balance, you must: be a resident of India & have attained the age of 18 years and have a valid account.

You need to login to your amazon account and on Menu section click on Amazon pay and you will see screen like below.

amazon pay balance dashboard

If you do not added money on amazon pay you will see 0.00 rs in Amazon pay balance section. To add money you can click on Add Money and add your money Annually upto 1 lakh rupees. But one time you can add upto 10,000 rupees in a month.

Note– As Per New Rules you have to do KYC for using Amazon pay

Also Read- How to do Paytm KYC

How to Recharge using Amazon Pay?

Just go to the 4th option i.e. Mobile Recharge option under Amazon pay dashboard and Recharge any mobile number from there, The balance will be deducted from Gifts & Credits section by default.

And also amazon gives Exciting cashback offers on recharges using Amazon pay balance.

How To Redeem Amazon Gift cards?

You may receive amazon gift card from someone or by purchasing Gift card voucher. To add a Gift card money in your account-

  1. Go to Your Account
  2. Click View Amazon Pay Balance
  3. In the field under Add Gift Card / Voucher Code to Account, enter your claim code and click Add to Your Account
  4. Now your gift card money will be loaded to your account within 15 minutes and its expiry date will be 1 year from date of purchasing Amazon gift card. If you buy a product from amazon using amazon pay, the money will be deducted from that voucher money first which is going to be expire soonest !!

A Gift Card Code is 16 characters long – (for example AS25-NJZ1JX-CZCP5)

How to Buy and Send Amazon Gift card to Friends?

  • You can go or directly go to the Gifts card option from amazon homepage.
  • Select any gift card design according to occasion, select Price between 10 rupees to 10000 rupees.
  • Enter the Email of you, or whom you want to give that Gift card.
  • Now make payment and Done!! The gift card will be sent to that email you entered. But remember its expiry date will be 1 year after purchasing. So You could use it before expiry by puchasing goods from amazon or by selling gifts card also on social media!!

One more important thing about Gift card, Gift card that you Purchase from a third party (any person) should be from india, I mean the money on gift card should be on Indian Currency. You cannot use Other country’s Gift card on your Amazon Pay account. This is Disavantage, which i told you in the beginning.

You should Connect your Id to Amazon Pay account to use it as per Government rules of india

So be aware during purchasing Gift cards from third party. Learn more about Amazon pay balance from Help Section of amazon.

I hope you like my complete post on amazon Pay Account, I think you learn something today and now you can also use Amazon gift cards and understand the trade of Amazon Gift cards on social media 🙂 Feel free to comment below if any query. Thank you

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