5 Apps That PAY You to WALK And Stay HEALTHY

Earn Free Money Just by Walking

On this Sunday, when I was just lying around in my house I thought of checking my play store to see if any application needs an update.  When I opened the play store what I came upon just amazed me.

It was showing me apps which would PAY me if I just registered on them and walked or RUN. I was pretty amazed at this stuff.

So, I did a little bit of research about these apps and made this post so that you guys can get to know about these apps and start Walking or Running even if it’s for the money you will be getting Healthy. So, Double Benefits.

Here are 5 apps that PAY you to WALK/RUN.

NOTE:  One thing which is required to run these kinds of apps is that either you should have a Pedometer sensor in your smartphone device or should have a fitness band configured with google fit.

Nandoo- India’s Only App That Rewards You To Walk

The first on this list is the Nandoo App.

5 apps that pay to Walk
Nandoo App

As the title of this app says it is the only app developed in India which pays its users to get fit.

What you have to do is just get yourself registered on the app and configure your pedometer sensor or any Google fit device you use with the application.

After that this application gives you 10 minutes of time per day to Walk and the number of steps you take in those 10 minutes are added to your account.

After collecting sufficient steps you can go to their rewards section and collect your reward.

One Sweet Reward you can get is an “I PHONE X”.  Sounds crazy but it’s true.

Rewards list for Nandoo app
Rewards list for Nandoo app

Download the application from here: “Nandoo- India’s Only App that Rewards You to Walk

SweatCoin- Pays You To Get Fit

This application in its development phase right now but available on play store. So, I suggest you to definitely download this app as an early bird and enjoy your rewards.



The process to join the process of walking and earning money is the same as for the Nandoo app but the interface of this application is very different.

Sweatcoin pays your digital currency in the form of Sweatcoin which you can use to make a transaction from their partner vendors and online e-commerce stores.

The tag line of Sweatcoin app is

“The more you move -> the fitter and healthier you become -> the wealthier you get.”

Download Sweatcoin from here: “SweatCoin- Pays You to Get Fit

StepBet- Walk, Get Active and Stay Fit

This application is pretty similar to the one which we have seen already but one thing which distinguishes this app is that it provides you with personalised Goals on the basis of your activity as recorded by the application.


The process of earning money is also a bit different. Here you need to Bet money on your Health Goals and actually achieve them in order to EARN the extra money.

It works like a motivation for people to get healthy and fit as their money is on the stake.

Download the app here: “StepBet- Walk, Get active and Stay Fit

Charity Miles Walk And Run Tracker

This application also pays you to walk or run and helps you to stay healthy at the same time.

It tracks your running distance or cycling or walking steps. It is like a fitness tracker with which you can contribute towards a charity for a social cause. This means two good things in one time.

Charity Miles
Charity Miles

Charity miles has contributed more than 2 million dollars in charity till now and they have sponsors who pay to the charity like Jhonson and Jhonson etc.

You can make a team of your friends or other people in your area and earn points to contribute towards the charity and stay fit.

Download it from here: Charity Miles Walk and Run Tracker

Achievement – Rewards for Health

This app is not a tracker although it pays you to track your steps. This is much more than that.

It is actually a research application which helps researchers get insights into the lives of normal people and make meaningful conclusions from that.

Achievment App
Achievement App

Till now more than 2 Million members have contributed to 15 research projects and got paid for doing that.

In this app, You get paid to track steps, Log Your Diet, Log Meditation session and to answer surveys or if you opt-in for an administered health challenge.

Download the app here: Achievement – Rewards for  health


Hope this list of Apps that make you fit and give rewards at the same time Will help you get Fit and stay Healthy.

If you know of any other apps then let us know in the comment down below.

Also, comment down your suggestions or queries in the comment section.

Thank you. Have a great Day.


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